Clementine aka Piggy Smalls
6 years old

Clementine was born a market pig. The Berkshire hogs are known for their marbled pork in fine dining restaurants. A lady met Clementine as a piglet and saw how social she was so she bargained with the farmer to let her take her. But as the year went by, Clementine grew and grew. She ended up on a horse farm living in a 10x10 stall. So, at the age of 1 year old and 700lbs later, I brought her home so she could live out her life in open space with a lot of love and care!



Ozzy and Willow
5 years old

Ozzy and Willow are brother and sister. They are Nigerian Dwarf goats. Super fun, loving and enjoy guest visitors especially if they come bearing treats!


3 years old

Edward is a Kune Kune/Pot Belly mix. He was bred as a meat pig or pet. So I chose for him to be our pet and live his life out happily on the farm! He was intended to be a friend for Clementine. However, he had a different opinion on that and I did not want him to get hurt by our giant pig. So we rescued Archie a few weeks later so he could have a friend! Edward is deaf and blind but makes his way around the pasture just fine.


3 years old

Archie is a Kune Kune. He came from a breeder that neutered him because he had a hernia at birth and she could not breed him. So I drove to WV to pick him up so he could live his life out as a pet! He was not very social when we first got him but has since melted into his role of official greeter, sits on command for a treat and rolls over happily for belly rubs.


9 years old

Luna was a breeding donkey. I drove to VA to adopt her so she could come to the farm and live a life more babies. She has since become the favorite to meet. Shy at first but she warms up quickly and loves to be brushed!


13 years old

Khaleesi came to us as a foundered pony with overgrown hooves where she could barely walk. She has had a handful of veterinary issues since we got her but we have slowly gotten her medical care under control. With the help of good farriers, veterinary care and tons of patience, Khaleesi is now showing some promise with lunging and possible pony  rides in the near future. She is insulin resistant and requires a lot of upkeep, cautious care and medicine that has been quite costly but we still love her sassy self!


Age Range 2 year - 6 year old

The chickens may be the only ones on the farm that earn their keep! Providing fresh eggs in which we sell and the money goes to a chicken fund jar for the kids! 


17 years old

Dekota is a paint x horse we took on last July. He came from auction and ended in a rescue so his history is unknown but he definitely had a life of being worked hard. He has had issues with his feet that have required a lot of veterinary care and maintenance. This gentlemen deserves the best and we absolutely adore him!